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Slender 24watt 1200mm White Pendant 4000K

Slender white
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The Slender is a low profile LED pendant light, finished in Black or White it comes in 2 sizes, a 1200mm long version and a 2000mm long version.

It is a set length and cannot be cut down to a shorter length. This fitting comes with a few options for mounting to the ceiling, choose a small 20mm ceiling mount or a larger 60mm ceiling plate that can help with hiding old holes in the ceiling.



Aluminium Extrusion powder Coated in White

240volt connection at the ceiling

Internal driver (Located inside the light)

IP20 Rated

Aluminium Profile 60mm x 40mm

2000mm Long Version

35watt LED

4000K Natural White

No Dimming

Approx 3100 Lumens

This product comes with 2 ceiling mount options... You can use the 60mm round ceiling canopy or the small 20mm wire trace ceiling mounts, simply remove the one that is not required.

The power cable is a thicker cable that will need to follow one of the thin support cables on one end of the fitting. The power cable is not pictured in the image but will be present.

If using the smaller 20mm wire trace ceiling mounts the power cable will need to enter the ceiling via a small 8mm hole to be drilled into the ceiling. It is best if this hole is in close proximity to the small ceiling mount o keep the install neat and tidy.

One of the larger 60mm ceiling plates has an extra hole to take the 240volt power cable, this can provide a cleaner finish to the ceiling for the power cable.

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