Garden Lighting System

Garden Lighting System

How the Lumenesk Garden Lighting system works

The Lumenesk Garden Lighting system is a do it yourself, connect together system. It’s so easy you will have your lights connected in no time at all and if you didn’t get it right the first time you can always re-arrange it or add more to the system.

Follow our 3 easy steps.

Step 1. Work out which lights will do the job.

You will need to decide what features you would like to light up and the effect you want to achieve. Take a look at our rage of lights and choose lights that will work for you.

Not sure which lights to choose?
Show me the Lights…

Step 2. Choose the driver that will power the system.

Now that you have decided which lights you want to use we need to power them. Follow our examples to help you calculate how much power your lights will draw.

How to calculate the driver required?
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Step 3. Now we connect it all together.

It is always best if you draw a plan, that way you can work out the path the cable will take, the distance between the lights and how many times you need to branch off to the lights.

Need help drawing a plan?
Have a look at all the cables…

The diagram below shows you how the basic system works, choose lights and where you want them in the garden, Choose cables and splitters to connect the lights together, find a place to plug in a driver to run your lights.